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Monday, April 11, 2011

Bad signs at CitiField

I went to Opening Day at CitiField last Friday and I witnessed some very alarming signs, most of which had to do with Jeffy Coupon, a.k.a. Mets minority owner and club president Jeff Wilpon, once again going on with WFAN's Mike Francesa and lying straight through his teeth.

As I was driving over to CitiField, Jeffy Coupon was a guest of Francesa and he was asked about the state of the team. He said that things were going well and that Opening Day was a sellout. He said that there were approximately 130,000 tickets sold for the first three games and that approximately 1.2 million were sold in presales.

He also said that the financial state of the team was not as bad as what was being reported.

However, upon arrival to CitiField, I noticed a line to get inside the ballpark. It had to be about 500-to-750 people deep, just waiting to get through the Left Field gate. It was almost reminiscent of football games at Giants Stadium in the immediate days after 9/11, but that was anticipated and expected.

When we got closer to the gate, we noticed the reason for the delay, which was now about 40 minutes. There were all of two ticket takers. TWO!!!! And the bobbleheads that they were giving away were long gone. But two people to handle thousands of ticket holders that had to be searched and examined??? C'mon now. One ticket taker said it was all because of cutbacks. Gee, I wonder why.

Inside the stadium, more of the same. The concession lines were endless. The beer lines took about 20-to-30 minutes. If you went into one of the elite clubs, like Acela or Caesar's, built for exclusive fans, you couldn't get near the bar or even walk.

All because Jeffy Coupon is trying to save a few bucks. And it's at the expense of diehard Met fans, like me.

I'll tell you something. If they don't try to re-sign Jose Reyes and trade him for a pile of shiite, I'll burn the remainder of my tickets and mail them with a nice red ribbon to Jeffy Coupon and his fellow liar of a father, Freddy Coupon.

I wish they would just cut their losses, sell the team now and get on with their miserable lives. Because lying to the Met fans over and over again isn't cutting it. I cannot believe a single syllable that comes out of either one's head. Not a sound, because they're all lies.

They are ruining my baseball team and ruining my summer enjoyment. I don't ask for much. I just want a competitive team and some entertainment value for my hard-earned dollar spent on that team. I know I'm not going to get it and I'm going to watch them trade away our 27-year-old franchise shortstop simply because they can't afford to pay ANYONE, never mind Reyes.

Here's an idea. Let's organize a ''Sign Jose Reyes'' telethon. Hell, there are countless other telethons that raise money for a host of charities.

We can get fellow Met fanatics Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Kevin James to host the telethon and get talents like Glenn Close and Patti Lupone to perform. We can get former Met greats to make pleas to fans to pledge to save Reyes. We can even televise it on the Coupon Network, a.k.a. SNY. Send in your dollars to keep our shortstop, the best shortstop in franchise history. Mail in your pennies, dollars, what have you.

Because our cheapskate lying sacks of dog shiite owners are going to trade him to some undeserving team for a bag of balls, three unproven teenagers and six expiring contracts to be named later. And we'll have no recourse whatsoever.

It's really a sad state, thanks to lying Coupon No. 1 (Freddie) and lying Coupon No. 2 (Jeffy). They have made the Mets a complete laughingstock.

And that's not even talking about our useless bullpen.

I appreciated all the e-mails and comments about Continental Airlines' debacle the other day coming home from Houston. I didn't realize that I was not alone when it came to size discrimination on airlines. It really was an enlightening experience, no pun intended.

I am so glad to see that my long-time friend Mike Hogan is back on the coaching lines at Ferris, two years after a host of different state authorities started a lynch-mob of an investigation against him, all because one disgruntled kid from 25 years ago wrote a letter to a law enforcement officer.

It's insane to think Hogan lost two years of his coaching life because one kid wrote a single unfounded and ridiculous letter, but that's what our society has come to.

In any case, Hogan has been cleared to return to the coaching lines and Hudson County baseball is all the better because of it. There's no better and no more dedicated baseball man in my hometown of Jersey City than Mike Hogan and he deserves to be back coaching the sport he loves.

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