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Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Deflate-gate" and the impact of it has nothing to do with air in balls

There has been so much attention given to the New England Patriots and the "deflate-gate" controversy, involving the underinflated footballs that the Patriots used in the AFC Championship win over the Indianapolis Colts.

There has been so many articles about the proper inflation and so much time spent on talk shows about PSI (pounds per square inch, for the under informed) that it has frankly become nauseating.

But the true newsworthy factors of this indiscretion has nothing to do with footballs.

The real reason why this is such a major story leading into the Super Bowl on Sunday is that once again, the New England Patriots have been caught being cheaters.

And yes, sorry you blinded-by-the-light of Giselle's golden hair Patriot fans, this is indeed cheating.

It marks the fourth time that the Patriots have been caught cheating over the past decade or so. They circumvented the salary cap years ago in order to keep players on their roster. They taped the St. Louis Rams' practice before the Super Bowl so they could know what plays the Rams would run in the game _ and used that tape to their advantage, getting an interception return from Ty Law on a pass by Kurt Warner, who was quoted as saying, "It was like he (Law) knew it was coming." Well, guess what? Law knew it was coming.

And then there was "Spygate," where the Patriots were found to be taping signals off the New York Jets' sidelines. That one cost the Patriots some money and a draft pick, but the cheating has not stopped.

That's because head coach Bill Belichick believes that he is like a Steven Seagall movie, you know, "Above the Law."

Belichick, who of course denied any knowledge of the underinflated football, giving a pseudo physics lesson during his press conference and showing his movie knowledge by saying, "I'm not Mona Lisa Vito," from "My Cousin Vinny," has been involved in all of these cheating incidents. As much as he would like to deny it, he had his hands all over them.

Yet, he pays no penalty for his indiscretions. Belichick will get to coach the Super Bowl game and if he wins, he will get his fourth Super Bowl ring. How great is that? It will cement his place in Canton as a Hall of Famer.

But he's a cheater. As are the Patriots. They cheat. That's the real story of the underinflated balls. It's cheating. Yeah, sure, I believe Tom Brady didn't know how the balls got underinflated. Like he had nothing to do with it as well. It was all the equipment manager's idea or some ball boy's maniacal plan.

That's the real story here. The Patriots and their hoodie genius of a coach cheat, lie, steal, do anything to win. This is the fourth time, yet the NFL has done nothing in terms of a penalty.

Well, the league is not going to do anything now before Sunday. But after the game, the NFL has to throw the book at the hoodie genius and the owner who said he wants a public apology if the league finds the investigation into "Deflate-gate" is all rubbish.

The NFL has to hit Robert Kraft with a hefty fine, like as much as $10 million. They have to make the Patriots surrender their first round draft pick to the Colts, maybe even their second rounder as well. They then have to suspend the hoodie genius for at least half of the 2015 season.

Hey, the NFL suspended Sean Payton of the Saints for an entire year because of the Bounty-Gate investigation, when it was learned that the Saints' coaching staff was putting out price tags for hits on opposing players. Payton lost an entire year. So did the Saints' GM and the defensive coordinator.

And all they did was go out and tell their players to hit the opponent hard and they'll get a monetary bonus.

But the league is going to do nothing to a four-time cheater? Sounds to be just a tad hypocritical to me. It's so totally wrong that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Kraft are buddy-buddy and there are pictures of Goodell attending a barbecue last summer at Kraft's residence.

Is Goodell now afraid to bring the hammer down on the cheating owner and his cheating franchise because the cheating owner helped him to get his cushy $44 million a year job? Who knows?

One thing is for sure: This cheating crap has to stop. The Patriots get away with too much and they're playing once again for the top prize in the sport.

So the football garbage isn't the story here. It's the cheating. It doesn't matter what PSI the balls had against Indianapolis, because the Patriots would have beaten the Colts using a brick as a ball. That's right, they didn't have to cheat to win the game. But they did and deserve to pay a severe penalty for doing so.


As for the game itself, there hasn't been a Super Bowl in my lifetime that I have had the least amount of interest in like this one.

I hate the Patriots and everything they stand for. I hate the hoodie and the cleft-chinned quarterback and the logo that looks like Elvis. I hate their fans with an absolute passion, because they all think the Patriots invented the sport and they fail to remember the days when they were so putrid.

I also hate the Seahawks and their coach Pete Carroll who broke every law under the sun while coaching at USC, then when the penalty was just about to be delivered, he scampered off to Seattle, took millions and is now considered a hero and possible Hall of Fame coach. Say what?

I hate the Seahawks' running back who boldly treats the media like their idiots with his "I'm only here so I don't get fined." Yet, there are some media who believe Marshawn Lynch is a Hall of Famer now. However, do we just simply forget that Lynch once ran over a woman while driving drunk in Buffalo and killed her? I guess that's something that gets forgotten when you treat the rest of the world like they are idiots.

So I'm rooting for chicken wings and commercials Sunday. I don't care about the game or the outcome or anything about it. I truly wish they both could lose, if that was possible.

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