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Monday, February 16, 2015

Mergin and Jaren Sina deny racial claims

After writing the blog this morning, I received a phone call from Mergin Sina, the father of former Seton Hall guard Jaren Sina, who said for the record that Jaren's departure from the Seton Hall program had nothing to do with any racial discord.

The elder Sina, a highly respected coach at Gill St. Bernard's, said that he didn't want anything out there that said that Jaren left the Pirates' program because of racial tensions. Mergin Sina would not elaborate about the reasons for Jaren's sudden departure from the program last week.

Mergin Sina then handed the phone to Jaren, who also reiterated that racism was not the reason for him leaving the program. He also did not care to go into detail why he left, just that the report I used in the blog this morning was untrue.

Jaren said that he plans on finishing the semester academically at Seton Hall, but has not made up his mind about a possible transfer location.

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